Value of the LFSN
  1. Become a member of the LFSN
  2. Attend monthly educational sessions
  3. Connect with your peers in roundtable discussions
  4. Assess and benchmark your sustainability program
  5. Access online sustainability resources
  6. Use these key learnings to enhance your program

THE LFSN is pleased to announce that it is a new nonprofit partner of 1% for the Planet and eligible to receive donations from 1% member companies.


1% for the Planet is a growing movement of companies that donate one percent of their sales to environmental organizations such as the LFSN.


Join the alliance and support the LFSN through the 1% commitment. Contact us to learn more.


Knowledge Sharing & Education

Members discuss specific sustainability issues, share experiences, and help address similar concerns.

Member participate in educational sessions on sustainability issues, practices or new technologies with sustainability experts and leaders.

Case Study Library
Members record sustainability case studies and projects and have access to view other firm’s case studies.

Sustainability Resources
Members have access to an online knowledge bank of sustainability-related information, both to contribute to and to reference.

Task Forces
The LFSN will be actively seeking to re-establish some of its task forces and develop new ones around issues of interest to our members outside of regular member meetings.

Standards & Benchmarks

The LFSN has just launched the ALISS self-assessment which measures a firm’s sustainability efforts.  Firms can benchmark against themselves and their peers and receive recognition for their efforts.  

Law Firm Environmental Benchmark Survey
Members can view the results and statistics of anonymous firms enabling them to measure their own progress and benchmark themselves against their peer firms. This is the only known such benchmarking system currently available to U.S. law firms preceding ALISS.

Best Practices
Through a combination of the LSFN’s educational and knowledge-sharing initiatives, member firms have become aware of and learned how to implement the best practices. In the future the ALISS standard may be developed further to define the minimum standards and best practices that all member firms should strive for.

PR & Relationship Building

The LFSN has had articles printed in the New York Law Journal, Bloomberg BNA and Environmental Forum publications.  LFSN members are regularly approached through the Network to provide comments for these articles.

The LFSN seeks to work with the ABA and a number of State Bars to discuss common goals and initiatives and is keen to promote a common national sustainability standard for the U.S. legal industry.

The LFSN actively engages with the UK Legal Sustainability Alliance and Australia-based Legal Sector Alliance about forming a global partnership, and we are actively working with these organizations to provide LFSN members with even more benefits.  The LFSN continues to explore opportunities to partner with other organizations serving the legal industry.


When you become a member of the LFSN, you will gain access to resources and tools, connect with professionals just like you leading their sustainability program and be recognized by sharing your practices and sustainability efforts.

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