How to Participate

  1. Participate in monthly educational sessions 
  2. Submit one case study
  3. Complete the ALISS assessment
  4. Respond to occasional sustainability surveys
  5. Share your progress



Membership is open to all law firms and legal departments.

There is no minimum expectation as to a law firm’s existing environmental sustainability efforts; in fact, we encourage those who are just embarking on their sustainability journey to join and learn from those who have already made significant progress. A key objective of the LFSN is to provide a collaborative platform for sharing information and experiences so all members benefit from the collective efforts of our members. As one of our most important values, we strongly encourage you to share your experiences in our sessions. We regularly hold educational webinars in which other firms provide practical guidance on what has worked well for them. This collective cycle of positive learning helps firms avoid initial pitfalls and get the most out of the resources devoted to their sustainability programs.

We strongly encourage knowledge-sharing in the LFSN. As a member of the LFSN, we ask that you participate in our programs, including the following:

LFSN membership is an annual subscription based on law firm size and is tiered as follows. The subscription is from January to December

Attorney Firm Size

Membership Amounts

















We ask that your firm to complete the newly launched ALISS self-assessment within 3 months of joining the LFSN. You may choose to keep the survey results private or public. The results allow your firm to benchmark its sustainability efforts against the rest of the industry and helps the firm identify areas for focus. In effect, it provides a roadmap for the firm to become even more sustainable.

Case Studies

We ask that your firm contribute one case study on any aspect of its environmental sustainability program within 12 months of joining.  After posting the first case study, each firm is granted access to the entire LFSN members’ case study library. This has proved to be an invaluable means for firms to learn from each other’s experiences and help members with the practical implementation of a wide range of initiatives.

Task Forces

We are re-establishing our task forces.  We ask that your firm participate in at least one of three committees.  These committees require a small time commitment of 1-2 hours every 3 months. 

Our three committees include membership, partnerships, and communications.  If members would like to communicate on other topics, a new task force will be formed.

When you become a member of the LFSN, you will gain access to resources and tools, connect with professionals just like you leading their sustainability program and be recognized by sharing your practices and sustainability efforts.

Membership Brochure