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The American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS) is an online self-assessment tool that measures law firm’s environmental sustainability. It allows law offices to take stock of their efforts to promote energy efficiency, conservation of energy and resources, recycling and related measures. ALISS is intended to provide guidance, as it allows firms to identify opportunities to enhance their sustainability programs and practices. It also gives recognition for the efforts of law firms.


Developed by LFSN member firms based on their review and assessment of sustainability best practices in the law office setting, ALISS was designed to be:


  • Measuring aspects of sustainability that are meaningful to law firms
  • Transparent
  • Simple to complete
  • Flexible
  • Dynamic
  • Honor-based

ALISS is intended to be detailed enough to identify specific areas of strength and opportunities for improvement for each participating firm. The ALISS system awards weighted points, based on personnel, for various activities covering five broad categories:


  • Internal Sustainability
  • External Sustainability
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Measuring & Reporting
  • Innovation & Challenge

Each of these categories is further broken down into sustainability topics, such as Policy, Energy & Utilities, Volunteerism, etc. Participating firms will receive an ALISS badge for completing their assessment and will be awarded an ALISS Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Reporter designation.



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